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"It takes a village to raise a child."
-African Proverb
Or Become A Part Of The Village By Pledging to Be An Ongoing Friend Of IYC

Did you know of all donations made to nonprofits, 71 percent come from individuals. Your individual contributions definitely "Make A Difference". We invite you to join our many community sponsors (family, friends and community members) and become a Friend of IYC. 

*** Thank You For Being A Friend ***

Holding Hands

What to expect from becoming a friend of International Young Chefs?

As a Friend of IYC, you will receive the following tokens of appreciation for your donation:
Friends of IYC Membership - Quarterly Newsletter, IYC T-Shirt, Two FREE tickets to our annual Gala, IYC Thank You Packet as well as a personalize souvenirs from our young chefs when they travel. 

*** Your Support Makes A Difference***

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