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2022 Summer Culinary Experience


Poo Bear With Chicken
Mariah and Myracle rolling Gyoza
Malai Mashing Purple Potatoes
Luau 2

2021 Summer Culinary Experience

-New Orleans

Demarcus and Amarion cooking Rue
Fresh Ingriedients 2
Chopped Ingredients
Chef Robin 3
Brian Cooking Down Rue
Chef Jayla
Julius and Jayla Cooking Banana Foster
Julius and Amarion Slicing and Dicing
Slicing and Dicing 4 Young Chef
Slicing and Dicing 2

The Young Chefs
Exploring Culture...

Jazz Museum & Armstrong Park

Musem 3
Musem 12
Musem 6
Musem 2
Armstrong Park 3
Armstrong Park
Armstrong Park 4
Armstrong Park 2
Musem 12

The Young Chefs
Cruising The Bayou

Bayou Tour 4
Amarion on the Bayou
Bayou Tour 2
Aaliyah on the Bayou
Jayla on the Bayou
Bayou Tour 7
Bayou Tour 6
Gator Time 4 Malia
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